#JustOneDress is a social experiment, auction, fundraiser and personal challenge all rolled into one! 

In 2004, while learning about sweatshops and fast fashion, I began to rethink my own excessive consumption. The goal was to completely transform my attitude towards fashion, clothes and shopping but finding a starting point seemed almost impossible. 

Then I discovered the Uniform Project by Sheena Matheiken and it illustrated how a simple exercise could change the way we interpret conventional ideas of style and trends and sustainability. It was incredibly inspiring and I dreamt of launching a similar endeavour. 

Now that the time has come, I am both excited and nervous to embark on this campaign. 

Over the course of 2018 and 2019, I will be wearing the same black dress, modifying it with different accessories and garments - donated, thrifted or currently in my possession. 

[Really, the same dress everyday? Well, yes and no. I'll be relying on my dress for almost everything except sports, and other physical activity.]

Photos of each outfit will be posted on our Instagram


You can also read about my thoughts and experiences on Medium

The Auction 

Almost all items worn during the #JustOneDress campaign will be put up for auction here and all proceeds will go to the JAAGO Foundation

The auction takes places once each quarter. That is, it opens every 3 months and will stay open for an entire calendar month. During this month, readers can purchase items off the online-shop and we will process and ship orders within 72 hours of each order. 

In order to offset the carbon footprint that comes with international shipping, we have a 3-item minimum during the auction. 

The Dress 











The dress was hand-sewn with love (and frustration!) on our trusty little second-hand machine (thank you, Anna!!)

We were greatly guided by this tutorial here

In order to ensure good hygiene during this year, we will be making a few copies of our black dress, all with responsibly sourced cotton. 

Scrap fabric will be used to make stuffed toys and put up for auction. 


We love hearing from you! Send us your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions, feedback, photos, all of it!



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