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Hopaal: Revolutionising The T-Shirt (Updated: 03/09/2018)

Hopaal is revolutionising the t-shirt. That's a big claim for such a humble item but hear us out. First (and as always), we begin by inviting you to head on over to their website and their Kiss Kiss Bank Bank page to do some in-depth reading.

Hopaal is a French clothing brand that was founded in 2015. They produce t-shirts and pulls that are 100% recycled. When we first learnt about them, we were both excited and (full disclosure) a little skeptical. Often, brands that make this claim don't include processes that wouldn't qualify them to brandish the 100% recycled label.

We'll be reaching out to Hopaal with some questions about their manufacturing processes and their method for gathering raw materials. As soon as we hear back, we'll update this post.

Image Credit: Bio À La Lune

Here's our lowdown on Hopaal:

  • Their claim of being 100% recycled stems from their use of repurposed cotton and plastic bottles spun into thread.

  • They discovered this technology while on a trip to India.

  • They use less then 40 litres of water to produce one t-shirt, which is 67 times less than the average t-shirt use during fabrication. That's a 98.5% savings!

  • They use no pesticides nor any chemical compounds, both of which are present in the average t-shirt on the market. You can read more about that here, here and here.

  • At the moment, their range consists of t-shirts, a pullover and a tote bag.

  • Prices range from 35€ for a t-shirt to 80€ for a pull. You can shop online here.

We've ordered a t-shirt from Hopaal and we're looking forward to updating this post with a review. Do you own a Hopaal product? Tell us what you think!

UPDATE: My Hopaal order arrived!

I love that the packaging is so minimal. The t-shirt came neatly folded in a thin cardboard envelope - no plastic to throw away and the cardboard can be recycled!

And the t-shirt itself? Extremely comfortable, soft and slightly stretchy. So far, it has stood up to 3 machines washes and after about a month of constant wear, it feels snug and worn-in.

This isn't a formal, crisp t-shirt but rather, one that is great for casual, easy wearing.

Would we order from Hopaal again? Definitely! But we'd also love to understand their fabrication process better - their technology, their employees, their atelier, their supply chain, etc.

We're working on a companion piece to this write-up on Hopaal, so keep an eye out for that.


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