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Rags2Riches: Weaving For A Better Future

Rag2Riches (R2R) is a Filipino social enterprise that works directly with community artisans to produce bags, pouches and other accessories. Motivated by their desire to alleviate the high rate of poverty in Quezon City, the founders of R2R successfully merged the weaving skills of the city's women with the abundance of scrap fabric available. To better understand exactly how they work, head on over to their website - it's a great read.

Image Credit: Marc Latzel via Ecouterre

Here's our lowdown on Rags2Riches:

  • Women living on the edges of the city's slums would seek out mounds of scrap fabric, weave them into placemats and sell them.

  • Reese Fernandez-Ruiz saw the potential in their work and wanted to remove the middlemen who took a sizeable cut of the women' earnings.

  • She and her team founded Rags2Riches and quickly realised that the woven rugs could be fashioned into bags, pouches, wallets and other accessories.

  • For each bag sold, the artisans get up to 40% of the retail price. (We love it!)

  • The women also sit on the board and are well-represnted throughout management ranks.

  • Prices range from 28€ for a wristlet to 48€ for a large tote. You can shop online and find stockists on their website too.

Image Credit: Ed San Juan via

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