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Sweatshops: A Global Overview

This post started out as a quest to calculate the number of sweatshops in the world. Yeah, good luck with that. However, during the course of our research, we quickly realised that the bounty of information on sweatshops is vastly dispersed. So our goal morphed - now, we want to consolidate and organise as much data as possible.

We'll let the infographic below do the talking but here are some notes to keep in mind:

We've only used data that specifically employs the term sweatshops. So, the figures you see here will most likely inflate when garment factories are added to the equation.

That said, many garment factories are essentially sweatshops - poor wages, hazardous working conditions, physical abuse, etc. They may not be counted as such during research and census studies

We've only included data from the past 2 years expect for major incidents and accidents, which can date back 6 or 7 years.

This post will evolve constantly because we will need to amend, refine and update. But for now, have a first look.

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